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Gavin Baller Book 1:

The Hunt for the Hollywood Clone

A-list celebrity Gavin Baller thinks he's a pretty big deal. Too bad he's about to find out he's actually the biggest disappointment in the universe! When he woke up on his 34th birthday he never imagined he’d be running for his life, but now he’s entering a bigger universe that isn’t as welcoming as he’d hoped.


With the help of a group of inter-galactic human warriors, Gavin must race to save everyone in his life before his entire world comes crashing down. Normally the only thing he has to worry about is his next movie premiere, now the fate of the Galactic Commonwealth is in his hands. What’s a self-absorbed actor to do?


The Hunt for the Hollywood Clone is the beginning of a journey that will lead across space, showing a side of the universe that you never saw in an episode of Star Trek!


Gavin2021_Cover copy.jpg


The SPECIAL EDITION of Paper Heroes, complete with character artwork, unused covers, key graphics mentioned throughout the novel, and more, is finally available! This is a great edition for anyone looking for more insights into the creation of the novel, as well as the inspirations behind some of the key characters!


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