Client Posters

Artwork for varying print campaigns. All posters were developed from the ground up and designed to match client branding and advertising needs.

All logos were designed from scratch with an eye toward customer needs, market requirements, and simplicity. A good logo needs to stand out against the competition.

Client Logos

Book Covers

Book covers need to entice readers to pick them up and turn the first page. they also need to look good as thumbnails on Amazon for the same reason.

Original Art Prints

Pop culture fans love original, one-of-a-kind works of art, and these commissions have allowed me to give them exactly what they crave. These pieces are created to the client's desire, printed on fine brushed aluminum.

PROMOTIONAL ART & COMICS: Promote an event or create a full comic book based off your own characters and creations.

COMMISSIONS: Requests for specific art pieces are made to Super Heumann regularly, including from Utah's former Governor Gary Hurbert, as well as for different film productions.