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More info and frequently asked questions can be found below the registration form.


How many weeks is this course?

        - 33 weeks

When does the course start?

       - Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

When does enrollment end?

       - August 20th, or as soon as all slots are filled.

What will my child be learning?

       - The course will cover a wide range of topics geared toward giving students a comprehensive look at the film and television world. They will be taught screenwriting, producing, tech requirements and cameras, cinematography, directing, audio, voice over, editing, storyboarding, animation, and more.

Will my child be filming their own movie?

       - YES! Our final project entails each student producing their own short film and will be included in a student film festival. In order to be eligible to participate in the final project, students must complete at least 80% of their assignments.


​What equipment will my child need?


       - No special equipment is required. Students will need access to a cellphone or other camera for filming. Any basic editing software will be fine. There are many free options online that we will discuss with the students. Other than that, they will need reliable internet for the group classes and to receive their video assignments. Commitment and dedication are also required. Students will get out of the course what they put into it. To excel in this curriculum students will need to finish their assignments, as each one builds on the last.

What will the time commitment be for my student?

       - Generally one hour per week, including class time. Weekly video assignments (15-25 min. long) with instructions will be sent out each Wednesday. Assignments should not take more than 1 additional hour each week for the first semester. Second semester could go up to 2 additional hours a week since they will be putting together a short film for their final project. Group classes will be held on Zoom every Wednesday. Classes will include mentoring, Q&A, and go deeper into the topic for the week if students need more clarification. Zoom classes should be no longer than 40 minutes.

What experience does instructor Steven Heumann offer?

       - Mr. Heumann has worked in the television and film industry for almost 20 years as Senior Producer of the long-running program At Your Leisure, along with The Geek Report, County Seat, G3EK, and others. He has written and directed dozens of short films as well as full-length features, and has published six sci-fi thriller novels and numerous short stories. Over his career he has produced over a thousand hours of television content, filming, editing, writing, and producing as needed. He has also appeared regularly on-camera as reporter and host, so he is able to teach aspects from both sides of production. His current work as a full-time novelist has allowed him to branch out even further, developing relationships with creators that will allow an even broader depth to this year's Film & Broadcasting Course.

When is tuition due?

       - Tuition is due upon completing registration unless arrangements have been made with Mr. Heumann or a member of his staff in advance. No refunds will be given after the first class on August 25th. Any drop-outs prior to the start of the Fall Semester will be refunded in full.


Back-to-school has never looked quite like it does this year, but that opens up a lot of opportunities for parents and students. This is one of them.

For almost 20 years Steven Heumann has worked in television and film as a writer, director, actor, voice over artist, editor, and almost everything else you can think of. He's worked on crushing deadlines, directed massive projects, written full length novels, drawn comic books and storyboards, and collected a few action figures along the way...because he's a huge geek.

Now he's passing everything he has learned (geek stuff included) to students between the ages of 12 and 17 that want to learn not only how to direct and film their own movies, but how to produce, how to get financing, how to get their products on television, how to report news, how to tell a story, and so much more.

And you won’t just be hearing from Steve. We’ll have interviews with professionals from every end of the industry that will give insights on what it takes to be a creator. We’ll talk cameras, money, audio equipment, all of it.

This will be an introductory course over 33 weeks, with classes held on Zoom every Wednesday, along with video assignments that will detail the skills and tech we’ll be learning over the next week. No special video equipment is required for this course, just a cellphone to film projects, dedication, and creativity. If you already have some advanced equipment you are welcome to use it. This is a class for all skill levels and will cover every interest in the film world.

Classes will begin August 25th 2021, and the tuition is $300 for the entire year, less than $10 per class. Students will be expected to complete their weekly assignments on deadline to the best of their ability. This will be a fun class for everyone involved, but constructive critique and mentorship will be a part of it, so students can grow and progress on their creative journey.

We hope you will join us for the 2021-2022 school year. This opportunity is open to all, from those who have filmed their escapades since they could barely walk, to those just now showing an interest in television and film.

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